Our Mission

We have one singular mission: to make scoring in the 99th percentile a method, instead of madness.

Formed from the resources, techniques and strategies which propelled us to the 99th percentile, Meducate is a system built on a tried and tested formula. We’ve built our program from the ground up, avoiding the common pitfalls and inefficient study strategies that plague other tutoring programs. Through this we enable you to achieve a higher level of excellence, lifting your score to a new level.

Meet the Team

Shayan Eftekhar

99th Percentile Tutor and Co-founder

3250 score in the 2021 UCAT

700 in Verbal Reasoning

840 in Decision Making

830 in Quantitative Reasoning

880 in Abstract Reasoning

Provisional Medicine Student at The University of Queensland

David Heng

99th Percentile Tutor and Co-founder

3270 score in the 2021 UCAT

760 in Verbal Reasoning

760 in Decision Making

880 in Quantitative Reasoning

870 in Abstract Reasoning

Provisional Medicine Student at The University of Queensland

Expertly structured course with flexibility

Our course has been carefully formed through the expertise of our 99th percentile co-founders.

Tutors of the highest quality

All of our tutors scored in the 99th percentile, are medical students and have past experience tutoring students to success in the UCAT.

Check out our tutor profiles above!

Affordable Prices

We know that tutoring can often leave a hole in parents' pockets yet Meducate is able to find that balance between amazing quality of tuition and reasonable prices.

Free Trial

To give you an opportunity to experience our teaching and resources before any financial commitment, we offer a 1 week free trial. This is free of charge, even if you decide to continue having classes with us!

Student Testimonials

Nick. S

Shayan was a really passionate and dedicate tutor who knew his way around each section of the UCAT extremely well. He was great at communicating concepts and strategies and even better at helping me overcome any problems I came across. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor to anyone looking to do the UCAT and go into medicine as he was a large part of my own acceptance into medicine.

Ed. L

David is an exceptional teacher who has a deep understanding on the underlying matters of UCAT and has a genuine passion for teaching. He is engaging and interactive through his PowerPoints on zoom calls, which allows myself as a student to obtain a deeper understanding of UCAT. I highly recommend his UCAT classes to anyone looking to learn this.

Anu. M

Shayan's tactical and analytical approach towards each UCAT question type helped him to teach me the most efficient way to tackle each and every question. He helped me jump from my previous attempt of getting 80th percentile to getting 93rd percentile because his methods changed my perspective on how to approach each question